The Cyprus Healthcare Travel Council was established in 2015 to diversify tourism in
North Cyprus and spread it to 12 months in particular, and in particular to contribute
to raising the value added in the country through a sustainable and continously
developing structure in Health Tourism.

Cyprus Healthcare Travel Council is the only institution in North Cyprus that has the
widest representation in the tourism and health field, established by cooperation of
the most esteemed institutions, associations and foundations of North Cyprus such
as Cyprus Turkish Tourism and Travel Agencies Association (KITSAB), Cyprus
Turkish Hoteliers Association (KITOB), Association of Privately Working Doctors,
Private Hospitals Association, Cyprus Turkish Guides Association (KITREB), Near
East University and Near East University Hospital, IVF centers and the presidents
and executives of reputable hotels and tour operators.

The Cyprus Healthcare Travel Council has also become a member of the Global
Healthcare Travel Council, established in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 2015, as the 54th
country representing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). In addition, in
April 2018, the position of Vice-President of the World Health Tourism Council was
given to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Cyprus Healthcare Travel Council.
The Council, which has contributed to many projects in order to develop alternative
tourism varieties, especially in Health Tourism sector, contributes to promotion of
North Cyprus through the international relations it has already established.